• Nerea96

    We need more help

    August 12, 2013 by Nerea96

    Hi everyone ^^ 

    Well, i have been in happy pets wiki for a short time, and i see that this wiki has much work to do.

    We should work harder to build a great page :)

    Saludos, Nerea.

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  • Yumipinku03

    Hello everyone! :D

    October 9, 2010 by Yumipinku03

    Hello everyone! :D I'm back from my very very long vacay. xD
    And I'm back for editing stuffs, I'll add Butterflies and of course any new pets. :3 I also need help for creating too, though. :|

    - Sayaka :)

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  • Yumipinku03

    I don't know about this Hamster.

    . (Ignore Elesis and Sky Princess' Tail xD)]]

    This is Berry Milk. I don't know should I do with this little guy. Should I keep it or umm... Never Mind. I'll think about it tomorrow.

    Anyways, Happy Weekends all! :D -Sayaka ♥

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