A screenshot of Facebook Credits.

Facebook Credits or Bucks are a form of virtual currency in the game Happy Pets, Facebook credits can also be used in other available Facebook games. Facebook Credits are used to purchase items from the Store. All other items right now cost Bucks and they can still be purchased for Facebook Credits if the player is low on coins.

Purchasing Bucks[edit | edit source]

Bucks is a form of currency in game that is required to be bought from REAL cash. It is very rare and hard to get in-game unfortunately. Here are the current prices of bucks and how much you can get for your money at the Pet Cash Store: (conversion not included)

  • 20 Bucks for $2.00
  • 53 Bucks for $5.00
  • 110 Bucks for $10.00
  • 230 Bucks for $20.00
  • 600 Bucks for $50.00
  • 1250 Bucks for $100.00

Current Pet Cash Screen

Payment Methods[edit | edit source]

Happy Pets accepts payment methods such as Paypal, Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Mobile Phone, POLi payments. It is secure and safe to pay through the Pet Cash Store. Refunds are not guaranteed. Once purchased you should receive a tab to confirm your payment was successful and you should receive your bucks instantly.

Didn't Receive Your Bucks?[edit | edit source]

Contact the staff of Happy pets immediately and confirm that you have in fact successfully purchased bucks and that you did not receive what you paid for.

Support email: support@101xp.com

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