Happy Pets

The Happy Pets logo.

Happy Pets is a game developed and released by CrowdStar for social networking sites including Facebook.

In Happy Pets, players adopt pets, including kittens, dogs, farm animals, wild animals, safari animals, other type of domestic animals and aquatic animals, and take care of them like they are a real life pet. Like any pet, you need to feed, pet, and play with them. Also, you can breed your pets creating new ones and go to the park. Happy Pets also allows you to create your dream home for both you and your Pet. There are a big house, with different rooms and a garden, but also, different houses with different styles, where you can put there your pet. Sadly, the game will shut down illegaly... You cannot access to happy pets the game. The game is closing permenatly you must pay $2.99 to play game period 30 days... Happy pets will shut down in january 1. And remains only 1 game forever.

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