The Hotel icon.

The Hotel or the Happy Hotel is a place where you can allow your pets to stay when you don't have any room in your house. This is an easy way at the beginning of the game to have more Pets even though you might not have the ability to Expand your house yet.

How to Use the Happy Hotel Edit

Using the Happy Hotel is fairly simple, you click on an animal you would like to place in the hotel and click on the small orange-yellow hotel icon in the right hand corner of their name tag. Here a confirmation tab will open to ensure you would like to do this and click accept. Your pet will then disappear into the hotel and can be retrieved into a room with space whenever you wish.

Happy Hotel

Happy Hotel Interior

Whatever state the animal was put into the hotel as (e.g. hungry, low happiness) is how they will return upon checking out of the hotel.

There are also quick shortcuts added to your animal whilst in the hotel in case you wanted to move them to the Pet Trader, sell the or rename them. It also shows their genders and sizes for a little more help.

Expanding the Happy Hotel Edit

Expanding the happy hotel

Expanding the Happy Hotel

To expand your happy hotel further a requirement of 10 neighbours and 50 coins is needed. Or you can purchase it for 5 bucks

These numbers increase the more you expand the hotel.

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