House Cleanliness

The House Cleanliness meter.

The House Cleanliness Meter is a in-game tool that allows players to know when they need to Clean their house. This usually involves cleaning out your animal's litterboxes.

Backyards do not have litterboxes and do not have a cleanliness meter.

Each room can only obtain a maximum of one litterbox, which can be customised in the store.

Stages of a Litterbox Edit

The stages of a litterbox can affect the house cleanliness meter. Using the green scoop/shovel looking item in your

Clean tool

Clean tool

hotbar, you are able to clean your animals litterboxes. Leaving your animals for too long can result in a filthy litterbox and a filthy environment. You can even clean your neighbours litterboxes to increase their cleanliness of their house for them, and in the process earn coins. below is a diagram of how dirty a litterbox can get.

Stages of a litterbox

Stages of a litterbox (dirtiest to cleanest)

Cleaning a litterbox from the dirtiest stage to the cleanest stage in your own house can earn you 20 coins and 100 exp each room.

Some animals are known to use the litterbox more than others, such animals include pigs and rabbits.

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