Neighbors are friends, family members, or acquaintances that you can play Happy Pets with. Basically anyone on your Facebook friends list. You can also find people at the Pet Park to add as neighbours! (Warning, its dangerous to add random people as friends on Facebook, be sure you trust who you add.)

Why it is Beneficial to Have More Neighbours in Happy Pets Edit

Neighbours are an important factor in every players game. Although it is possible to play without them, it can be much easier/fun to play with them. Here are some factors that prove so:

  • Neighbours can send you gifts, you can send neighbours gifts. Both free or bought gifts.
  • They can help expand your Pet Hotel
  • They can help you unlock the Nursery
  • They can help you unlock the Attic
  • They can bless your baby baskets, and you can bless theirs
  • Cleaning their litterboxes, playing with their pets and clicking on their piggybank can earn you coins/XP
  • They can click on your mystery boxes to give them luck, and you can do the same for them.
  • They can adopt from your choice of pets in the Pet Trader, and you can adopt from their choice of pets in there
  • Prior to the subscription update, you were able to breed your pets with your neighbours pets and vice versa
  • Prior to the subscription update, they could help free a trapped or shy pet

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