The Social Breeding is new feature in Happy Pets. Unlike the old Breeding feature, you can breed your Neighbors' Pets with your own.

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You can only send 3 Breed requests to the same user per day. The total number of Breed requests you can send per day is 5.

Using the Social BreedingEdit

  • Go to your neighbor's house
  • Select a pet that you want to breed.

Note: The "Heart" Icon for Breed Request will not be available if your neighbor's pet has already bred for that day.

  • Click the "Heart" Icon and wait for friend's approval.

Note: The cost for sending a Breed request is 200 coins per request, this payment is non-refundable even if the request is declined or breeding was a failure.

  • When you accept, you will go through the normal Breeding method selector.

Note: The Request still pays 50 coins for the attempt.

  • When the breeding is successful, you and your friend both receive the baby basket in the Gift Inbox. These will be identical twins.
  • There is always a message sent back to the requester: breeding declined, success or failure. If the breeding fails, the requester can send another request to try again.

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